5 Must-Read Health Communication Posts

Piedmont Healthcare InstagramWith so much good content on the internet, it’s easy to miss a good post. This week as I was looking through past posts on the Buzz Bin, I stumbled upon so many great past posts that I enjoyed reading and learning from all over again. So this Thursday, I’m sharing five  must-read oldie but goodie health communication posts from the Buzz Bin.

1. When Does an Awareness Campaign Go Too Far?

Why: As a seasoned health communicator and mother, Kim Blake never ceases to amaze us with insightful posts on often controversial topics. In this post Kim reminds communicators to focus on the purpose of awareness campaigns – to motivate behavior change.

2. The One Percent in Healthcare – Can Hospitals Make It Personal?

Why: With healthcare on a mission to reduce costs and improve outcomes,  April Sciacchitano’s post looks at the possibility of personalized care. With affordable and personal concierge medical practices and start-ups popping up across the country, personal care is proving to be a viable solution.

3. If Social Media Can Create Organ Donors, It Can Work for You Too

Why:  With February 14th right around the corner, we will soon be celebrating National Donor Day once again. Last year, Lisa Kersey shed light on the key to eliminating the organ donor list. I won’t give it away, but this is definitely a post worth reading again.

4. Communicating with Patients Online: Where Real Wellness Begins

Why: This post details the opportunities technology and internet present for physician and patient communication. Slowly, we’re starting to see more and more medical practices, particularly new concierge practices, utilize online and mobile communication in patient care. Debbie Myers explains why physicians and medical practices need to adapt their communication channels to meet the needs of their patients.

5. Five Instagram Secrets for Health Brands

Why: Shameless plug, this is an old post I wrote, but I think this post is still very relevant for health brands. Very few health providers are using Instagram to reach their patients, a network that only continues to grow in popularity. I think the fact that Instagram isn’t over saturated, presents a huge opportunity for health providers and brands to pave the Instagram way.

What other oldie but goodie health posts would you recommend? What is your favorite post from the top five listed above? Please share in the comments!



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