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Do Healthcare Rankings Help or Hinder Consumer Choice?

There are two rankings that can define a hospital communicator’s entire year: U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals” and Modern Healthcare’s “Top 100 Most Influential” list of l…
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The ‘Great Retirement’: A Thought Leadership Opportunity

The “Great Resignation” that was ignited by the COVID-19 pandemic continues with a historic number of workers leaving their jobs. CEOs, and healthcare CEOs in particular, are among them. In 2021,…
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1-Year Pandemic Retrospective: 5 Emerging Health Care Provider Trends

When we shared our 2020 Provider Forecast last year, we didn’t have a clue what was in store for us with the COVID-19 pandemic.  That said, it did force the issue on some of the key trends that we…
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COVID-19: A Call for Health Systems to Step Up as Conveners

COVID-19 has been called “the great equalizer” because no one is safe – regardless of privilege or power. While there is truth to this description (see here), the pandemic has also revealed a di…
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Medical Distancing – 3 Consequences for Hospitals and Patients

Americans are avoiding in-person medical care at all costs – “medical distancing”, if you will – and sometimes the greatest cost is to their own health.
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Telehealth: 5 Reasons it Took a Pandemic to Make it Mainstream

No doubt about it, COVID-19 is changing the way that we work, live and play. It has pushed us to adopt approaches that we may have been resistant to before – from working from home to online educati…
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