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No Desk? No Problem. Tips for Connecting with Non-Connected Employees

If the recent global pandemic did anything positive for the workplace, it was reinforcing the importance of information sharing and connection. Now more than ever, employees want to be engaged in mean…
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3 Things Healthcare Organizations Should Keep in Mind Amidst a Divided Congress

We’re well into the new year, and so, too, a new Congress – even if its beginning was a bit unprecedented. Now more than ever, a divided Congress means that policy issues across the board will…
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Are We There Yet? A Look at Progress and Workplace Equity on International Women’s Day

I didn’t expect to land in a profession where I would be surrounded by so many female leaders, mentors and colleagues. My career path was originally pointed in a very different direction — one…
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If You’re Not Communicating Effectively, You’re Not Leading Effectively

If you’re an executive leading your organization through transformational change, it’s likely that change won’t take place unless people UNDERSTAND what you’re trying to accomplish, APPRECIATE…
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Get It Write: Training to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Before we get started, let’s address one thing: We still need writing skills in 2023. None of us can just ChatGPT our way through day-to-day writing. (You don’t have to take our word for it – re…
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Why Business Leaders Must Convey Authenticity

The public has changed attitudes toward private sector leadership. Consumers expect responsible, ethical and empathetic business practices. While many business leaders believe showcasing sustainabilit…
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