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Why Leaders Should Put Strategic Interruption on the Agenda

I was coaching a leader recently who is preparing for an ambitious three-day workshop with other industry influencers. Her goal: to generate ideas and recommendations for a white paper designed to inf…
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Navigating the Digital Wave: 2024 Social Media Trends  

Welcome to social media in 2024, where trends change faster than the speed of light. From the integration of generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) to the Threads versus X debacle, it’s easy to get…
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What the State of the Media Means for Media Relations in 2024 

2023 was yet another difficult year for journalists. According to Poynter Institute, 20,000+ media jobs were eliminated – this is more than in 2021 and 2022, which also saw big losses for the indust…
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Can AI stand for “Accelerated Insights?” A Marketing Researcher’s Point of View

Good, fast or cheap – you can pick two. When it comes to marketing research, there is a requisite tradeoff between depth of insight obtained, time and cost. With the advent of AI, researchers natura…
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2024 Retail, Foodservice and Media Insights [Infographic]

In the food and beverage industry, advances in technology and increased use of digital tools have intersected with an inflationary environment to drive consumer trends. Successful campaigns in the yea…
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Why In-Person Foodservice Events and Networking are Essential

In today’s digitally dominated world, made even more digital post-pandemic, it’s no secret that in-person networking has become underutilized. Not only are meetings and media interviews often cond…
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