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3 Content Killers to Avoid

At som e point it happens to everyone. You’re developing content and more content and it hits you – is anyone even listening? Constantly developing new content can sometimes feel as if you’re ru…
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2013’s Big Moments in Health PR

By Liz Rea and April Sciacchitano 2013 is coming to a close, and it’s been quite a year for health news and communication. A lot of great (and not so great) things happened in health this year, and…
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Are we aware yet? Time to remake the roadmap for health education

You will never see a marketing plan without the words “raising awareness” in it.  It’s the center of what we do, and there are people pulling the hours and working the relationships to bring th…
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3 Steps to an Inspired Brainstorm

Whether you need to remove a roadblock or swoop in on opportunity, convening a brainstorm is a great way to tap into others. But a surprise gathering with a quick debrief may not return the best resul…
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Is Facebook a matter of life or death? For hospitals, yes.

Your hospital is committed to quality care… but do they Like you?  A recent study revealed that patient satisfaction is linked to the number of “likes” a hospital has on Facebook. And in fact,…
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