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6 Lessons Learned from a Career in PR

At the end of this month I am retiring after nearly 40 years in the biz. Retirement is not a word I like to use because it doesn’t really define how we baby boomers are viewing this next stage of li…
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Brand Journalism: The New Model for Healthcare Public Relations – Part 1

If you are a journalist looking for new opportunities, check out the healthcare industry. And, if you are managing a healthcare marketing and public relations department, you should think about having…
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Three tips to staying on top of local media relations

 Despite the consolidation in the healthcare industry, most healthcare providers are still focused on a local market – with local media. Maintaining a robust and proactive media relations program i…
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4 Tips to Help Master the Art of Visual Words

Incorporating more visual images with written narrative can help simplify the message and create “aha” moments for your readers more quickly and emotionally.
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Broadening Our Horizons: The Changing Role of PR Professionals in Healthcare

As healthcare public relations professionals, we have often suffered from an identity crisis. No one understands what we do, let alone appreciates it. Often we complain that the marketing folks get al…
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Four Steps to Opening Social Media to Employees

Compared to other industries, healthcare has been slow to adopt social media to engage employees. For many, their focus has been to use social media to market services to consumers and to engage with…
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