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Is the Amazon Effect Coming to Health Care?

I think it’s safe to say that Amazon is a household name for most American consumers. There’s also a name for the disruptive impact the company has had on consumers and businesses alike R…
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The Digital Health Care Consumer: 5 Insights for Hospital Communicators

I was pleased to see one of the conclusions drawn by Deloitte, based on its 2016 survey of consumer health care priorities. In their report, they made the spot-on observation that “scaling techn…
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3 Legislative Watch Items Impacting the Health Industry

BREAKING NEWS: House passes Cures Act, which now includes mental health funding, Senate passage is expected Has the ACA Really Been Trumped? President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Tom Price, MD, a…
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Defenders of the healthcare brand

How healthcare communication professionals can drive the top line while protecting the bottom line. For healthcare PR and marketing professionals, intentional communications has never been more impo…
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Is There Really Such a Thing as Thought Leadership?

While “thought leadership” is not a new phrase or concept, it’s certainly en vogue right now. In fact, thought leadership is one of the most frequent asks in the Requests for Proposal that cross…
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The New Health Care Economy: Where the consumer and digital revolutions collide

It took years for healthcare providers to accept the term “consumer” when referring to patients. In today’s healthcare economy – one that’s focused more on wellness, prevention and keeping p…
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