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A Must-Have Guide to Creating a PR Plan that Doesn’t Suck

I’ve been reading the Spin Sucks blog for over four years. Yes, four years, the same amount of time it took me to earn a college degree! A four year commitment may sound like hard work, but it doesn…
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How Many Facebook Pages Does One Company Need?

Three companies who have it all figured out A single company can have a million services, but they only have one brand. Maybe that means one Facebook page, too. But what happens when consumers want to…
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5 Must-Read Health Communication Posts

With so much good content on the internet, it’s easy to miss a good post. This week as I was looking through past posts on the Buzz Bin, I stumbled upon so many great past posts that I enjoyed r…
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6 Behind the Scenes Lessons of a Video Gone Viral

The “let’s make a viral video” request makes me cringe a little inside. Why? Well for one, what really constitutes a viral video? And second, you can never be absolutely sure something will catc…
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Case Study: How to Grow Your Holiday Campaign

Special thanks to the co-author of this post, Kelsey Mohring, AAE, PadillaCRT We love a good holiday campaign…I mean who doesn’t? At this point, you’re (hopefully) alrea…
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The #1 Trick (or Treat) to Successfully Engage Your Facebook Community

Is the eerie silence from your Facebook fans becoming spooky? This Halloween we have just the trick to ignite (or reignite) your fan base and drive more fans to your page, which is the perfect Hallowe…
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