Social Impact Consulting

When altruism meets pragmatism.

Increasingly, companies and brands are finding that in the minds of their customers, employees, communities and investors, simply “doing good” is no longer good enough. Stakeholders want and expect the organizations they work for and do business with to take a stand on what matters. But how does change – true social impact – happen? At Padilla, we believe that when altruistic and pragmatic interests align, movements gain momentum. And with the right strategy in place, your organization can make a difference for the greater good, while also driving employee engagement and your organization’s reputation.  

Corporate Responsibility – the commitment an organization makes to positively impact a pressing social issue

Community Engagement – how an organization invests its time (volunteerism), treasure (philanthropic giving), and talent (board service) to make the communities where it does business better places to live and work

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – an internal and external commitment to fairness, making all people feel welcome and valued

Environmental Sustainability – acting in a way that ensures future generations have the natural resources available to live an equal, if not better, way of life as current generations 

Within these areas our team can help with:  

Our Work

Armstrong World Industries

Thought leadership around health and safety initiatives


Production of the Million Dollar Challenge competition providing financing for BIPOC entrepreneurs

Landscape Structures

Corporate visibility and thought leadership around inclusive play

Planet Fitness

Franchisee-level community- and media relations support

Pinnacle Climate Technologies

Marketing communications and media relations for new products

TCF Bank

Financial literacy campaign support and critical issues management


CSR report development

Winnebago Industries

CSR report development

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