The perfect Gifts to Give to people in Booze PR

Every year, people struggle with what to get me for the holidays. Personally, I think it’s a no brainer. I work in PR. I enjoy Booze. BOOM. Done. Easy, right? Apparently not. If you know someone or have a loved one who’s into booze and not sure what to get for Hanukkah, Kwanza or Christmas, check this out…

DIY and Liquor – Gin is a great gift, majority of people love it and like to experiment – why not get a DIY gin kit?! gin kitCold Wine and Other Gadgets – I love the Corksicle – it’s a genius idea I wish I had invented. And, what’s even cooler, the company has come up with tons of additional ways to chill your libation.corksicle

Fancy Beer Drinkers – Spiegelau is a wonderful glass company, part of Riedel Crystal, and as someone who used to work with them, I can vouch for the quality glassware. Spiegelau has now come out with some awesome Craft Beer Glasses that allow for optimum enjoyment. glasses

Shake It Up – My father collected typewriters, I have chosen to collect shakers and flasks. This is a no-brainer people. When you have someone who is a collector, he or she is basically saying, get this for me! And shakers and flasks also come in really cool, random shapes and sizes.shaker

Seeing Wine Differently – Yes yes, it’s great to bring a great bottle of wine as a gift, really, you can’t go wrong. But dress it up for petes sake! Whether you’re going a bit country or a bit Park Avenue, it’s a nice, new way to say, hey, here’s a delicious bottle of wine. And oh yeah, it’s stylin!vinderalls

So, now that everyone knows what to get me for the holidays, I need to get started on my shopping list for others!

Happy holidays!

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