Ho Ho Holiday Gift Guides

What do you think is the most heavily pitched topic in the PR media relations sector? Well, if it’s not the “new year, new you” pitches that are on their way out, it’s most definitely holiday gift guides.

New York Magazine Gift Guide

Can you imagine how many people simultaneously sent merry messages about their client’s perfect stocking stuffer? It’s easy to say we’ll get a product into the hottest holiday gift guide, but in reality – it’s hard work!

So now that you’ve finished pitching those gift guides and you wait for last-minute coverage to trickle in, you must be asking yourself: was it worth it? Really, is there value in furiously pitching seasonal gifting stories in such a crowded market?

Here are three reasons I believe they’re one of the most powerful methods for consumer product awareness.

1. They Need You as Much as You Need Them

In order for writers to compile a holiday gift guide, they need gifts to write about. There’s no question there. They need options. The trick is getting them to choose your product over the awesome Star Wars Light Saber Chopsticks out there (you can thank me later!).

Here’s how you do that: Present it well and be visual. Without an image of your gleeful gift, your pitch is worth nothing. Secondly, pick your audience. Don’t just say “great for mom.” Decide: is it perfect for the woman who has everything? Or the cook in your life? Gift guides are written in sections, so being specific can only help.


2. Gifting Stories are Guaranteed Reads

People need help with their shopping lists. Only rock stars or overachievers can shop without consulting a website or app about the hottest gifts this season. This is not a blog post that’s going to fall into the dark PR abyss that no one sees. In fact, it’ll last for months and into a year, which means future, relevant search results. Consumers crave gifting recommendations, which makes the sweat you poured into securing that gift guide hit well worth it.

3. Season’s Greetings Can Open New Doors

Some consumer goods fall into a whole host of categories. Our client JOCO Cup, which is a reusable glass coffee cup (and a great stocking stuffer, wink wink!), can and did fit in several media beats, like coffee/tea, food, lifestyle, home, environmental sustainability and holiday entertaining.

JOCO Cups in the 2014 Green Child Magazine Gift Guide

That diversity, combined with our team’s effective holiday outreach, triggered future interest and upcoming national stories beyond just the holidays. This initial product introduction made way for other, valuable opportunities that can still affect sales, even outside of the holiday season.

Despite the crowded holiday gifting space, product guides still rate high on search and views. It’s a pitch worth sending that can lead to impressive results for you and your clients.

Happy holidays from our pitch team to yours!


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