Life at the Push of a Button

If you haven’t already seen the latest launch from Amazon, watch this video before you even bother reading the rest of my post. Seriously.

Amazon took the first step this week in creating a direct line from home to store without the need for an iPhone, iPad or iCloud. The tech giant launched what they’re calling the Dash Button, a little USB-looking button, which enables consumers to reorder the toothpaste they’re running low on (while they’re thinking about it).

At the push of button, you get your favorite product delivered straight to your door —

The thirsty future of the Dash Button? Probably not.

tomorrow – via Amazon Prime, which has become a staple in my apartment (mainly from my responsible roommate).

So, are these buttons the new automated shopping vehicle? Is this the first of many blinged out buy-it-now buttons? I think so and here’s why:

1. There’s barely a path to purchase. In fact, there is none. There are minimal barriers to entry – and what brand wouldn’t want that? Consumers are purchasing your product at the exact moment they need you. Small brick and mortars thought ecommerce was terrifying… this may be their worst nightmare.

My boyfriend is looking for this to buy right now.

2. Brands have a guaranteed revenue stream. Wave goodbye to your second favorite toilet paper brand or any discount diving. You’re probably not going to bother looking anymore. And why should you? These partner brands now have an immediate connection to consumers, who have a quick fix to a dwindling dish detergent bottle. And no need to cost compare.

3. Products remain top of mind. CPG companies will benefit just as much as consumers from this launch. Think about it – anytime you walk by your kitchen you see Tide or your shower, you see Gillette. Now, the buttons might not be the most aesthetically pleasing… but I can imagine that won’t last long.


Do I think the Amazon Dash Button is genius? Yes. Can we expect household brands to clamor to get a piece? Absolutely. Will it successfully lead to the much-anticipated Dash Replenishment Service built into household products? I’d say so… but don’t quote me on it.


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