In-Person Media Interviews are Back. Are you Ready to Drop Those Virtual Habits?

By now, many of us have grown accustomed to virtual meetings, media interviews and presentations. While virtual communications have many benefits, in-person media interviews and meetings provide great opportunities for leaders and subject matter experts (SMEs) to tell their company’s stories and connect with the media in a more personalized, persuasive and engaged manner.

But before you step back into the spotlight or studio, set yourself up for successful in-person media interviews by preparing to check these virtual habits at the door:

Talking as if you’re off the record

 Answering while distracted 

Forgetting the “business” part of business casual

Given today’s combination of virtual, hybrid and in-person communications landscape, even the most seasoned leaders and SMEs will benefit from brushing up on best practices in executive communications coaching. Whether it’s for a presentation, media interview, meeting or podcast, communications coaching provides them with a competitive edge in breaking through the noise and engaging with key audiences and stakeholders. Our PadillaPrep coaches are multichannel, multi-industry strategists who integrate their knowledge of the competitive landscape and your organization’s strategic objectives to help you communicate with confidence and clarity as your brand’s leader.

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