If You’re Not Communicating Effectively, You’re Not Leading Effectively

If you’re an executive leading your organization through transformational change, it’s likely that change won’t take place unless people UNDERSTAND what you’re trying to accomplish, APPRECIATE that it needs to happen and ACT in ways that support the change. This is true whether those people are customers, employees, investors or others important to your success. 

This doesn’t happen on its own – it requires strategic clarity, compelling and resonant messaging, the right messengers and a host of different communications methods.  

The problem is that many executives don’t give this more than a passing thought, and it puts their visionary plans at risk.   

Our research has shown that today’s leaders are facing a more complex set of challenges than in any previous generations – the result of not just the hangover of a global pandemic but also stemming from calls for social justice, climate change, political polarization, intractable geopolitical conflict and a whiplash economy. The best leaders are meeting this inherent conflict head-on by creating change-resilient cultures, finding the right level of transparency, putting criticism into context and exhibiting more personal and organizational humanity. 

And they’re communicating differently. They’re being more intentional. They’re sharing more personal stories. They’re listening more. They’re using other voices. And they’re using multiple channels. 

These are the core concepts that executives will learn in our PadillaPrep Executive Communications Foundations training module.  In the module they’ll learn: 

This module is an excellent springboard for other PadillaPrep courses in our curriculum – presentation effectiveness, media and Q/A spokesperson training, crisis preparedness and others. 

If you’re looking to increase the likelihood that your transformational change initiatives take root and grow, visit PadillaPrep.com to learn more.  

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