BuzzLine: What Would You Do With an Extra Two Hours a Day?

Smart PhoneIt’s time for an intervention – put down that smartphone and listen up.

You – yes you – are spending, on average, 119 minutes a day staring at your phone. Whether you’re reading through email, texting, or even mindlessly scrolling through your Twitter feed, you’re probably spending more time with your phone than you realize. In fact most people spend more time on their phone than with their significant other.

This trend has gotten so out of control that we actually have apps that can tell us how long, and for what we are using our phones to do. You would be surprised how much time you actually spend playing Candy Crush or zoning out instead of checking those “urgent” work emails. Instead of enjoying precious time with family and friends, we’re really only halfway there, while our other half has its nose glued to a screen.

So. We are here to help. This is your wake up call to get smart about smartphones. Tell us in six words what you would rather spend those two hours a day doing, and do it!

For me, it’s:

Enjoy happy hour… without the phone

More time with dogs, wine, Netflix


Get up and work out already

The most inspiring response will win you a Starbucks gift card – which would be best used to relax with a tasty beverage while disconnected from your smartphone…or at least put it on vibrate. Baby steps!

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