BuzzLine Contest – Week 19 – Can Galaxy Gear Do That?

Welcome to the BuzzLine, a weekly contest for communicators, journalists, English majors, friends, family and anyone else looking for word games on a Friday afternoon. Each week, BuzzLine presents a timely topic or news item and asks participants for a six-word answer to a related question. Some examples:

It’s a simple concept. And the six-word responses are a ton of fun. Click the links and check them out. Best of all, if your BuzzLine is the week’s best, you’ll win a Starbucks gift certificate. Go ahead and make it a venti! It’s on PadillaCRT.

So, loosen up that brain and PLAY. Here’s this week’s BuzzLine…

On Wednesday, Samsung announced Galaxy Gear, the latest “wearable” in smart technology. With the “smartwatch,” instead of grabbing your phone during a meeting to check the time (and your email, texts, and pics), you can simply glance at your wrist. You can make and answer calls with the watch, too (if connected to your Galaxy Note 3 smartphone), and it’s compatible with a bunch of apps.

Cool. But can it “Land a drone on a carrier?” (Six words!) “Beam me to new, wonderful worlds?” (Six words!) “Use a laser to cut diamonds?” (Six words!)

For a cup of anything at a Starbucks anywhere, tell us in six words what feature you would most like to see in the very latest of smartwatches.

Just leave your six-word BuzzLine in the comments and we’ll announce a winner on Wednesday.

(Oh, and congratulations to Week 18 winner, Maliya Rooney!)

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