BuzzLine: What Would You Ask Your Future Self?

Me, 20 years in the future
Me, 20 years in the future

Ever wondered if that wrinkle cream you’ve been using since you were 18 is really going to prevent those crow’s feet? Or if you’ll still love the same sports team after you’ve moved away from your hometown?

As part of a new digital campaign to celebrate their 20th anniversary, the telecom brand, Orange, has created a website that uses Kinect and FaceShift facial recognition technology to instantly age you 20 years. Although many of us spend a large sum of time and money actively trying to prevent the aging process, everyone’s wondered something about their future selves and today is the day to find out.

All it takes is 2 minutes and a webcam and you’ll be facing yourself, 20 years later, ready answer any questions you might have about the future. So we want to know, in exactly six words, what would you ask your future self?

The first questions that came to my mind were:

–          Did I ever win the lottery?

–          Is James Franco my husband yet?

–          Am I the crazy dog lady?

Unfortunately, my future self did not answer these questions to my liking, but hey, ever heard of the butterfly effect? For now I’ll just seize the day and hope my actions today will, in some alternate universe, result in my marriage to a stunningly handsome movie star.

The most creative question will win a Starbucks gift card. It won’t change your future, but it will give you enough energy to chase your dreams.

*See your future self here!

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