Buzzline: Survival Tips for the Next Polar Vortex


Much of country learned a new weather phrase this week – polar vortex!

Thankfully, the United States is starting to thaw from the bone-chilling temperatures that resulted in some of the worst winter weather in two decades. The polar vortex resulted in closed schools, canceled flights, stalled trains and freezing – and even below freezing – temperatures from coast to coast.

But we may not be completely out of the woods just yet. After milder weather through this weekend, there are signs that another arctic blast could be on the way, including a glancing blow from the polar vortex, according to

How have you been staying warm? In six-words, what advice do you have for surviving another polar vortex? How about:

Write your six-word wisdom for staying warm in the comments section below for your chance to win a Starbucks gift card. That’ll help keep you warm!

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