A Teen’s Perspective: Facebook – In or Out?

Co-Authors: Mac Thomas and Garrett Vollino (with a little help from Lauren Llewellyn, AE, and Rosalie Morton, SAE at PadillaCRT Richmond)

PadillaCRT recently welcomed soon-to-be high school graduates Mac and Garrett as externs in our Richmond office. One day, a Social Media Buttonscasual conversation spurred a larger discussion about the demise of Facebook usage among today’s high school and college students. While it’s no secret that this trend is occurring in social media, we were curious to get the perspective of two true 18-year-olds in the thick of it. Here’s what they had to say about Facebook and “new” social media.

Although Facebook use is declining among 15-25 year olds because of other forms of social media like Twitter and Instagram, it’s always going to remain at the epicenter of social media. After all, it is the most popular and most-used platform out there. In our opinion as soon to be high school graduates, we think that Facebook is losing the battle as the leading social media outlet for teenagers. We have experienced first-hand the progression of social media usage from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, and the numbers talk, too:

Critics speculate that Facebook has finally hit the wall in terms of growth and we agree. We are no longer seeing increasing numbers of users and activity. Here’s why:

All that said, Facebook does still have a place for our generation. We’re on it… just not as much as everyone else. This is mainly because of the profile – your social and online identity.

So, even though we aren’t the biggest fans of Facebook, it has its place. We’ll keep checking on it now and then. For us, there are much better options with Instagram and Twitter. No wonder Mark Zuckerberg snapped up Instagram so quickly!

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