5 In 5: COVID Hair, Golden Gate Bridge Hum, AI-Generated Blog, Jardigans, Girl Scout Cookies

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1. COVID Hair

What’s up: The unexpected beauty of COVID hair. Why we love it: Transformation takes many shapes and forms. As the past 18 months has shown us, some of the best transformation happened at deeply personal, emotional and intrinsic levels. [The New Yorker]

2. Golden Gate Bridge Hum

What’s up: The quest to solve the mysterious ‘eerie’ hum of the Golden Gate Bridge. Why we love it: Do we need any more reason then it has been compared to a “ghostly harmonica”, “chanting monks” and a “wheezing kazoo?” [The Guardian]

3. AI-Generated Blog

What’s up: A college kid’s fake, AI-generated blog fooled tens of thousands. Why we love it: As we think more and more about AI and its role in our society ethically, this is an interesting look at how easy it is for AI to become more and more entrenched in our daily lives. In an era of a crisis of trust with media, this one has us seeing both the possibilities of automation and also the frightening reality of artificial news. [Technology Review]

4. Jardigans

What’s up: Jardigans, denim and zebra pants: Welcome to the new office dress code. Why we love it: We love this renewed thinking around work attire as it entails bright colors, with an emphasis on comfort, like wide & loose fits and softer fabrics. “Loungewear and comfort is still important to the customer. Some of the season’s new pants have incorporated an elastic waist or looser leg,” said Shea Jensen, Nordstrom’s executive vice president and general merchandising manager commenting on how some of its brand partners have adjusted their products to be more comfortable. With this in mind, the return to office is looking brighter and more comfortable than ever. [NBC News]

5. Girl Scout Cookies

What’s up: Girl Scouts Have Millions Of Unsold Cookies. Why we love it: We don’t love this. Fifteen million unsold boxes due to the pandemic. Please go stock up on those Thin Mints ASAP. [NPR]

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