5 In 5: Maya Angelou Coins, Girl Scout Cookies, Buy Nothing, Locket, 2022 Baby Boom

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1. Maya Angelou Coins

What’s up: On January 10, the U.S. Mint released its new quarter featuring author, poet and activist, Maya Angelou. Why we love it: Angelou will be the first Black woman to appear on the quarter, with the design featuring her standing tall on the “tails” side. She’s long inspired us with her poetry, but now she may also inspire us to take up coin collecting! [The Cut

2. Girl Scout Cookies

What’s up: Girl Scout Cookie Season kicked off this month and now you can place your order for them on DoorDash. Why we love it: In addition to making it easier for the masses to get their hands on a box or two with the DoorDash partnership, there’s also a new cookie in town – Adventurefuls. It’s a brownie-inspired cookie with caramel center, chocolate sauce and sea salt for the perfect mix of sweet and savory. Even if 2022 is getting off to a rough start, at least we can get Girl Scout Cookies delivered right to our doors. [People]

3. Buy Nothing 

What’s up: The Buy Nothing Facebook group has exploded and now wants its own platform. Why we love it: With its origins dating back to 2013, Buy Nothing grew in popularity during the pandemic – with the main goal of building community by asking for what you need or giving away what you don’t. Though the process of creating a Buy Nothing app has been complicated, we love that it fosters community with your neighbors while encouraging what project co-founder Liesl Clark calls, “an ethos of a gift economy” where we buy less and give more. [The Verge

4. Locket

What’s up: What’s the latest app to invade the top downloads list of the app store? Locket, an app that shares photos to friends’ home screens. Why we love it: A fun way to keep in touch with friends near and far, the app works by sending live photos to a widget on your home screen. And in times like these, we’ll take a little pick-me-upper anywhere we can find it. In this case – our home screens. [Tech Crunch]

5. 2022 Baby Boom

What’s up: A 2022 baby boom is under way. Why we love it: After years of declining birth rates, according to a new survey from Bank of America – more people are planning to have babies this year. With 13.2% of respondents trying or expecting and live births increasing by 3.2% in the last year, all signs point to a potential millennial baby boom. [Business Insider]

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