3 Quick Tips for a Better LinkedIn Business Presence

When it comes to social media, B2B companies need to focus most on growing their presence on LinkedIn. A 2013 study form InvestIQ showed that LinkedIn accounted for 64 percent of the social media traffic to corporate websites. The company recognizes its value in this sphere, and is going all-in, positioning itself as a lead generation tool, developing the Sales Navigator. However, having an effective presence on LinkedIn is possible without a serious financial investment. Check out the tips below to get started.

  1. Create showcase pages – Enhance your LinkedIn presence by using showcase pages. Showcase pages enable you to tout products or services on a separate page off of the company page. From a B2B perspective, it’s a great way to highlight and separate content for different customer segments. Your page should have three graphics – a cover photo, a logo and then a thumbnail, so make sure you have those ready to go before you get to work. Once you create a showcase page, promote them across Twitter any other social networks you are using. You can also add follow buttons, and sponsor your posts to extend the reach of your showcase posts beyond your network. Learn more about showcase pages on LinkedIn.
  2. Take advantage of LinkedIn groups – Groups are prospecting gems. First of all you search for groups around certain industries and interests, so they are already segmented. This means that going in, you already know your audience. Choose a few social savvy members of your team to become involved in LinkedIn groups for certain segments. Meet with them and go over a strategy and guidelines for posting and interacting to make sure they feel comfortable. Over time, these team members will position your company as a thought leader in the space, and when other members of the group are looking for a new product/service, they will think of you.
  3. Boost your content with LinkedIn ads – LinkedIn targeting is phenomenal for B2B, because it’s so easy to target by job, industry, seniority, education, etc., and hyper-target your content. Like any good ad campaign, you also need to consider your KPIs. Looking for exposure? Best to pay per impressions. Looking for a sign up or a download? Then paying for clicks is the way to go.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg – what are some of your best practices for businesses on LinkedIn? Would love to hear them. Share in the comments, below.

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