Making B2B Relevant for B2C Audiences

So many acronyms. B2B, B2C… what does it all really mean? We define B2B as business to business and B2C as business to consumer.  Is it like comparing apples to oranges? How do the two worlds relate – and maybe more importantly, how can we help them to relate?

According to a recent survey by Ascend2, some of the top marketing objectives for both audiences are similar.  B2B marketers cited the quality and quantity of sales leads at the top, while lead conversions and driving website traffic were most valuable for the B2C marketer. Both cited email marketing as the most effective marketing tactic.  While there are similarities in both groups, there are still key differences to learn from to help drive business growth.  And because the question was asked of me as a B2C marketer as to what can B2B marketers be doing to make their business more appealing to the B2C audience, take these tips in mind:

1. Ensure organic and paid search are included in your tactics.

B2B marketers especially value content creation and lead management, so it only makes sense that creating an SEO-optimized campaign can enhance the accessibility of that content and generate additional leads.

2. Further embrace social media.

It’s not going anywhere any time soon and the survey reported that B2B marketers feel less confident in social media than the B2C marketers. What’s great about social media for the B2B marketer is that there are so many opportunities to further drive sales leads as a result of engaging on social media. The beauty is that there are already brand advocates to help easily spread the word to their networks as B2B marketers look to enhance their sales opportunities. Further, these channels are a great medium for content, which B2Bs cite as one of their top tactics.

 3. Measure your reputation awareness.

From the survey, only 26% of B2B marketers measure this, whereas 41% of B2C marketers include it as part of their key metrics.  Knowing where you stand with your customers and public is key to moving your business forward and understanding the most effective ways to do so based on how your brand is perceived.

At the end of the day, we can be doing more and learning more from each of these perspectives. After all, apples and oranges are really both fruit. And let’s face it – learning how to be an effective marketer is never out of style.

Image source: Higher Ground Creative.

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