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2016 Presidential Candidates on Healthcare

When it comes to politics, you could call me a-political. If faced with a choice between donkeys or elephants, I’d likely go with a giraffe. That’s not to say I’m not interested in politics, but…
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Lessons from the Grand Poobah of PR at Ben & Jerry’s

If you weren’t already a fan of Ben and Jerry, you will be after this reading this. Reader’s note: this post is best enjoyed with a spoon in one hand and a pint of your favorite flavor in the othe…
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Virtual is the New Reality

From telemedicine and electronic medical records to 3-D printing and precision medicine, technology is certainly changing the way we deliver health care. Now, virtual reality (VR) technology is creati…
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Pharmaceutical Ads Lose the Super Bowl

It’s perhaps the most anticipated night of the year for marketers. The Super Bowl brings beer, great food and of course, the best ads! Can you tell I’m not much of a football fan? But this year, t…
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Top 5 Healthcare Buzz Bin Posts of 2015

It’s December which means it’s the season of trend reports and 2015 roundups galore. To add to the mix, I’m taking a walk down the Buzz Bin memory lane. In case you missed them, I’m counti…
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8 Tips for Press Trip Success

I recently had the pleasure of hosting three journalists/bloggers on an unforgettable adventure – a press trip to Quebec on behalf of one of my clients, Pure Canada Maple. The trip was organized as…
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