2016 Presidential Candidates on Healthcare

When it comes to politics, you could call me a-political. If faced with a choice between donkeys or elephants, I’d likely go with a giraffe. That’s not to say I’m not interested in politics, but my work in PR means I understand the behind-the-scenes message and perception crafting which inherently makes me more suspicious. And I’ll admit, I don’t take the time to weed through all of the information on each candidate’s true position, so I don’t always feel informed enough to have an educated opinion.2016 candidates

But because I work in healthcare, which is a major topic in the political landscape – at least in between the mudslinging – I do believe it’s important that I understand where candidates stand on these issues so I know how a decision could affect my clients (and me as a potential patient/consumer). So as we move toward conventions, I’m wading through the muck and sharing my findings with you. Here’s a very basic overview of where the candidates stand on a number of hot topics in healthcare:

Obamacare/Healthcare Reform


Physician-Assisted Suicide

Healthcare Costs

Prescription Drug Costs

Other Positions

So, there you have it. I’m sure as we get closer to November, candidates will further clarify their stance on these issues, but before we head to the polls it’s crucial for us all (even my a-political peers) to do our due diligence and understand candidate’s positions on topics that are most important to us. Even this giraffe knows voting is a right and responsibility that should be taken seriously.

If you are looking for more details or to do some of your own digging, the following sources were used to research this post: Ballotpedia, ProCon.org, The New York Times, Healthcare Finance News and H&HN.


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