C-Suite Communications: Download Research Results

Understand the fundamental shift in C-suite leadership style

Seismic events of the past few years — including a pandemic, racial unrest, polarized politics and geopolitical uncertainty — have resulted in a marked shift in leadership style in the C-suite.

Many are operating in an environment that’s fundamentally different than the one that existed when they began their careers. This requires them to show up — and communicate — in new ways as they seek to build resilience to change, foster more engagement and loyalty, and navigate complex social issues.

It’s more than anecdotal. We recently conducted a three-part study that included a survey of 100 senior leaders and company owners and 1,000 employed adults, along with in-depth interviews with 25 C-suite leaders.

The fundamental shift in how leaders are showing up and communicating has implications for those who sit alongside them and advise them at the leadership table.