When Breaking News Interrupts Your PR Plan: 4 Steps to Reset

Competing with a crisis is a no-win situation.

It’s happened to about every company: you’re all set to roll out an exciting new product or make a big corporate announcement, when breaking news interrupts.

Many brands around the world likely, and rightly, chose to delay their recent business and product news as the media turned its attention to the situation in Ukraine.

With many reporters having to cover multiple beats, even the most niche business reporter may find their efforts getting redirected by a newsroom trying to keep on top of unfolding events.

Whether it’s a global event, a natural disaster, or civil unrest, the beginning of a crisis is not the time to compete for a reporters’ attention. Not only will your news get buried behind the story of the day, but it could damage your goodwill with the media, and in turn, the public.

If local or global events have derailed your PR plans, don’t panic. Follow these four steps to reset and refocus.

Keep in mind, when an important corporate announcement needs to move forward, be sure you’re working with a crisis expert who can spot potential pitfalls and address unplanned outcomes. It’s always worth it to take a breath and discuss your options before acting.

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