Top 3 Social Media Conferences for Booze Communicators

Just about every day, I receive emails from new social media and digital vendors and read articles about changes to various social channels that will affect my clients. On that note, I’d like to send a personal shout out to Facebook for their latest efforts in the endless quest to make my job harder.

It is my job to keep up with all changes and new capabilities in social media channels, content curation, analytics, measurement and beyond. To do this job well, all social media managers need to attend top social conferences to stay on top of trends and technology, and take part in the meeting of minds and networking that inevitably occurs.

social media conversation

In researching those that best fulfill these needs, here are the top 3 social media and digital conferences for communications professionals working in the beverage alcohol arena:

1. Social Media Week (Jun 8-12, 2015 in Los Angeles): Reaching beyond the booze world, social media week brings together thought leaders from various industries to discuss social movements and trends. They offer some of the most interesting speakers and topics, and the range of seminars is always incredible. Learnings are easily translatable despite mostly being outside the beverage industry.

social media week

2.  Social Media Marketing World (March 25-27, 2015 in San Diego): Hosted by Social Media Examiner, this conference is arguably the largest social media marketing conference with 2,500+ attending, but still has a great reputation for great content and organization. The offering of speakers, topics, networking and a well-oiled machine keeps marketing managers coming back from this seminar.


3. eBev (September 2015): Focusing this year on “Mastering Digital, Mobile, and Social Media Marketing to Drive Your Brand,” eBev offers the best combination of content and networking, especially if you are on the agency side. The seminars offer great content, and the attendees offer great potential networking for new business opportunities.

Happy Learnings!

Photos courtesy of Social Media Week, Social Media Marketing World and BMJ Blogs.

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