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3 Reasons to Enjoy Boozy Ice Cream (as if you need one)

It’s mid-July and sweltering, so no matter where you live, you are either reading this outside and trying not to sweat all over your screen, or at work, freezing in the excessive air conditioning (w…
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What I Learned at the 2015 Aspen Food & Wine Classic

To put it in perspective, when the inaugural F&W Classic in Aspen kicked off (before Food & Wine was even the head sponsor), I was three years old, Ronald Reagan gave his first address to the…
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What are We Drinking? Peek Into the PadillaCRT Glass

Most people know me as their “wine friend.” They don’t necessarily know what I do, exactly, but they know I’m really into it and they can ask for wine advice. Even my Dad still calls me a som…
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In Defense of Origin and Geographic Branding – It’s the Where that Counts

This week in Geneva, Switzerland, over 75 nations are debating why the ‘where’ is as powerful as the ‘what’ in branding premium products, from Champagne to Prosciutto di Parma. The World Intel…
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Dear Blogger…#ILoveYou

It was one of those weeks where you wake up staring at strange, fancy furniture and forget what city you’re in. Where you take the elevator downstairs and unconsciously sit at the same corner table…
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Taking Social Engagement to the Next Level

Not known as an industry at the forefront of the digital world, VinTank and its tireless leader Paul Mabray have continuously tried to usher the wine industry into the new world. Well, as of last wee…
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