Thoughts on TIME's Story

Time Magazine dubbed the blogging community person of the year. This article is available on the front page of Time’s web site.

This powerful statement really puts a cherry on top of the sundae, solidifying “web 2.0” media as mainstays to be reckoned with in the communications and marketing mix. In the past year, blogging and other web 2.0 technlogies like YouTube have created a great change in the way society perceives information, in many ways providing a counter-balance to the fourth estate.

Companies need to get out in front of this dynamic communications environment now if their marketing programs are going to be completely optimized. On November 9th, I spoke before the CXO Forum on business blogging and made some basic remarks about some steps to take in setting up a web 2.0 communications strategy. These remarks are posted on my blog.

If want to see general blogging community remarks on this story, check out today’s DCBlogs entry. It’s the top story.

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