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Influencers: A Discussion about the Law of the Few

Above image and analysis: David Armano This week’s Social Media for Social Good reading is Malcolm Gladwell’s the Tipping Point, which is a great starting place to discuss influencer relat…
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Work Ethic 1.0: Good Stewardship

The recent “web 2.0” boom of the past few years has changed the dynamic of the workplace, in many ways for the better. At the same time, it has brought an era of dramatic privilege, a sens…
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Sprint Highlights Corporate America's Negative Hubris

OK, anyone see yesterday’s Washington Post outlining the unbelievably high executive pay at Reston, VA-based Sprint? Is it any wonder that America has zero trust that big business will do the ri…
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Leo Bottary's Insights on Client Service

Only blogging since June of 2006, Leo Bottary’s Client Service Insights is quickly becoming one of the more well-known marketing blogs in the biz. In his interview, Leo offers some interesting t…
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Lee Odden Gives Tips on Online Marketing Blog's Top Rank

Lee Odden’s firm TopRank Online Marketing provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And is it any wonder that his blog, The Online Marketing Blog, has become one of the top ranked blogs in the…
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Corporate America's Big Image Problem

Corporate America’s got a big image problem: Most Americans think big business is flat out corrupt. This is a serious issue for corporate communicators and their agency reps who are stuck with t…
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