The Workplace Word: How Internal Communications Drives Employee Engagement

As communication professionals, we often get asked the following questions:

With so many different phrases – internal communications, employee engagement, employee experience, workplace experience, company culture, etc. – it can be hard to see how it all fits together. But the answers to the two questions above are actually pretty straightforward.

Employee engagement is key to a company’s growth and success – research shows that highly engaged workforces enjoy a 90 percent better growth trend than those with less engaged employees. But engagement doesn’t just happen on its own – a primary driver of engagement is a strong internal communications program. So, you can look at it as: internal communications drives employee engagement, which drives business success. In fact, one study shows that companies with highly effective communications practices see 47% higher returns to their shareholders.

This year has certainly been anything but basic when it comes to employee communications and engagement, but regardless of how the pandemic has shifted our ways of working, the basics for creating a strong internal communications program remain the same. Here’s a refresher on best practices:

By following these best practices, you can build a robust internal communications program that drives employee engagement and, ultimately, success for your company.

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