The Artist's Way

Things seem to be back on track. Plugging out a forty+ hour week, and the enthusiasm is coming back, and momentum is picking up. I feel that things are getting busy again. The only thing that’s lagging right now is networking, which is in great part due to the summer.

I’m at that point in the branding process where I am stewing on the report. Seems to be my way with critical documents… It just brews in my head and then kaboom, the words start flying from my fingers. Well the storm is brewing, it’s just a matter of time now. My team is waiting to edit the document as soon as I produce it.

This seems to be the most artistic, creative aspect of my work, the messaging portion of everything. It’s so critical to take it easy during this time. Usually the best ideas come to me at the gym, on my bike, at a movie instead of staring at a blank screen.

There’s a great book called the Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. Julia really seems to understand the creative process, and I have found her techniques to be absolutely critical in unleashing my ability to develop innovative materials. If you are inclined towards any of the arts, this is a must read.

Big new business pitch next week, and yes, the PowerPoint’s almost completed. How nice is that to be done now? The beauty of owning your own business is that you don’t have to be subjugated to other people’s procrastination. In my book preparation prior to a major pitch is absolutely essential.

Onward through the rest of the week. Have a good weekend.

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