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Viget's Top Ten Web 2.0 Blogs

Thanks to fellow blogger, “The Running Babe,â€? for her photography skills at the Greater Washington Board of Trade’s Fall Business Classic. I finally have a photo I like enough for my…
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The News Release's Diminished Value

“All our servers got swamped – that was one big snow ball… many thanks for getting it started.â€? The result of a blogging campaign last week, creating one happy customer. Had ano…
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It's Been Gizoogled!

Some late week laughs for you. Check out It translates any web site into Snoop Doggy Dog talk. For example, my last posting on getting a link from Wonkette: A Kiss frizzay Wonkette I…
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It's All About Equity

Got some great news on Friday. A friend of mine (and we already have an established track record of successful work integration together) extracted herself from her job last week, and wants to be a pa…
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Writer's Block

It’s late, up, but not really. Writer’s block is upon me. Working on a white paper that’s a real grinder. To be fair, I am pretty tired so I may just let it go and wake up early t…
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Guy's Message

I got the call around 2:30 on Friday, it was expected. My Great Uncle Guy had passed away, and the funeral was to be Sunday. So here I am blogging on my way back from New York City on the late Vermont…
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