Snapchat and Your Brand – Marriage Material?

Behind the Scenes Pitch Perfect 2 Snap
Behind the Scenes Pitch Perfect 2 Snap

As a slightly dorky 22-year-old female, with zero interest in football, I spent last Sunday getting excited for the Super Bowl commercials – and for the most part, they didn’t shock me.

But one thing did catch my attention, and (surprisingly) it wasn’t the delightfully charming puppies. It was the Pitch Perfect 2 preview. Not because of the catchy melodies or snappy one-liners – it was the first commercial I had ever seen that asked fans to follow them on Snapchat.

As tempting (or overwhelming) as it may be to jump on the new social media trend, engaging with fans 10 seconds at a time requires a lot of research, strategy, and commitment. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, is it time for your brand to get serious with Snapchat?

While it may not be a simple “yes” or “no,” there are a few things you can ask yourself before making the leap.

Who is your audience?

 Are you prepared for trial and error?

Can your brand provide content in 10 seconds or less that will resonate with fans?

Think of how traditional sales and special promotions work – it’s the theory behind behavioral marketing. Consumers pay more attention when they are under time or quantity restrictions. Picture the last iPhone 5 on sale in your local mall…. You get the idea.

The same reasoning works for Snapchat. Your brand’s content becomes exclusive when it only lasts for 24 hours so fans may feel an urgency to take action. With approximately 100 million active monthly users in the United States and around 400 million snaps sent out each day, that could mean whole lot of return on your investment of time and resources.

So will your brand’s relationship with fans on Snapchat be a match made in heaven or should you start seeing other platforms? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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