QR Codes are Making a Comeback in Paid Media

QR codes, once thought to be outdated, are seeing a resurgence. “Pandemic-period” menus, scanned using our cell phone cameras, have generations of consumers using them more frequently.

Paid media tactics, like connected TV (CTV), are more clickable with QR codes. By using a frame on existing video or integrating the QR code into the video, consumers have a way to engage with your content directly, even if they are streaming on their TV.

Last year many of us were intrigued by a QR code bouncing around on our screens during the Super Bowl. Someone paid big bucks to NOT display a logo or brand message but rather stay shrouded in mystery with a mostly blank screen. 

A quick poll of viewers of this year’s Big Game showed that 75% didn’t even consider engaging with a TV ad’s QR code, 5% considered it and 13% clicked on the ad. I don’t know about you but a 13% click through rate isn’t bad in my book (For comparison: a good Google search CTR is 5%, Display is 0.15% and Native is 0.20%.)

Here are a few best practices for utilizing QR codes in video:

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