It's Been Gizoogled!

Some late week laughs for you. Check out It translates any web site into Snoop Doggy Dog talk.

For example, my last posting on getting a link from Wonkette:

A Kiss frizzay Wonkette
In tha blizzog world there’s nuttin’ like a kiss from Wonkette. Thanks, mah lady.
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Even better, the Jazz Festival blog entry before it (expletives edited out)…
Jizzy Festival, Blogs of Note
The 2006 Dizzy Ellington Jazz Festival kicks off tomorrow n runs through tha weekend. Last year I publicized tha event, but due ta mah departure fizzle xxxx firm, this year was not meant ta be. See photo of me work’n tha Festival on tha National Miznall last year dogg. We had 40+ plus media in attendance n’ $^%#. DE Jazzfest pusha Charlie Fishman throws a bootylicious show, so if you git a chance check out at least one of tha many venues sport’n this year’s festival. Good luck, Charlie!

Here’s my masthead Gizoogled:
Diary of an Ad Man describes tha process of launch’n a new communicizzles agency in tha Washington, DC marketplace . Chill as I take you on a trip. Details include tha trials, focus n develizzles of Geoff Livingston’s efforts ta establish Livingston Communicizzles LLC (

Needless to say, we’re not taking ourselves too seriously today. But biz is good and fun. We got our first paid-for ad sold on client xxx’s blog property today. This is groundbreaking great stuff!

Thanks Winesmith for turning me on to Gizoogle. I am going to Gizoogle some political sites now.

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