Instagram – Last week, it was all about perspective

As marketers and communicators using social media, we spend a lot of time thinking about what will stick. We’re constantly considering what our audience will like and how we can best engage them with the ultimate goal of awareness and, of course, contributing to a better bottom line.

As we measure and tweak, time and again, working toward the best combination and type of content for our clients’ audiences, sometimes we lose track of what made social media so incredible in the first place – the opportunity for expression and the ability to connect.
Instagram’s own presence, @instagram does a beautiful job of creating these connections with its Weekend Hashtag Projects (WHP).

Last week, #WHPEyeTricks caught my eye, as @instagram shared some incredible photos from users playing with perspective. It reminded me why social media is so special. It’s not just about likes and comments, it’s about encouraging one another to express and challenge ourselves. In the end, it truly is about community.

Enjoy some of my favorites below!

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