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DanielleAs 2015 draws to a close, and we think about the advancements that impact the way we live, one word springs to mind – Uber. Whether going to the airport, a meeting, or just across town, Uber is quick, efficient and can even be economical with shared ride options. In just five years, Uber has quickly grown with service in over 60 countries and 300 cities, setting the standard for getting what we want quickly – but transportation is just the beginning.

In this on demand culture, there are a variety of categories experiencing a shift – and there’s data to support the growing trend.  In five years, $1.75 billion has been invested in startups like Airbnb, Hotel Tonight and Seamless. As the popularity of on-demand service increases, brands are changing the way they do business. In fact, just yesterday a colleague of mine was telling me about UberPuppies—a service where Uber will bring you a puppy for 15 minutes of playtime.

Let’s take a look at another function of Uber – UberEATS, a take-out service using the same on-demand concept but instead of taking you where you want to go, they deliver meals to you. Kind of like a food truck that comes right to your doorstep. Menus are limited so Uber can pre-order a certain number of dishes and distribute them to drivers, and the service guarantees to deliver your food within ten minutes. UberEATS is currently available in twelve major cities with more on the horizon, while a similar service called Postmates is gaining traction with even more menu options.

For those who prefer cooking vs. meals on demand, there’s no need to drop your spatula just yet, as the kitchen has also been “uberfied.” While part of the fun of cooking might be shopping for the ingredients, this is slowly becoming a thing of the past for those who think it a chore. Companies like Blue Apron and Plated have paved the way for other subscription meal services such as Forage, Marley Spoon and Lighter. The concept has simplified cooking, making the time consuming task of shopping for and prepping weeknight meals quick and easy.

When you take a world where nearly everyone has a smart phone, paired with technologies that feed impatience for just about anything, the proliferation of on-demand products and services has only just begun, and food continues to be even more “APPetizing.” What product or brand do you wish you had on demand?

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