How 3 Companies Are Harnessing UGC To Tap Millennials

pic 23. Airbnb – With accommodations in more than 190 countries, Airbnb serves as an online community for people to list and book unique places from local hosts around the globe. With the message, “Belong Anywhere,” Airbnb encourages users to share their experiences and photos with hashtags #Airbnb and #BelongAnywhere. Of course, Airbnb also has a robust presence on Instagram itself. The company recently went through a rebranding process and introduced their new symbol, the Bélo, deemed “the universal symbol of belonging.” To further their mission of a shared brand identity, Airbnb invited everyone to create their own, unique version of the Bélo illustrating their Airbnb experience. The Bélo Report shares info on the masses of responses gathered thus far.

Engage through interaction
So what’s the take away?  If you want the attention of Millennials, ask for our input. Encourage self-expression in a way that supports your company’s brand. Give people a platform they’ll want to build off of. By building a brand community, you can further consumer relationships and brand loyalty. After engaging your consumers through UGC, showcase feedback and results—they serve as an authentic advertisement, and will attract others to join your brand community.

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