How to Measure Patient Loyalty and NPS for Health Care Companies

I recently joined the Touchpoint Media podcast as a guest and we discussed the common ways hospital systems attempt to measure Voice of Customer (VoC), including Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction metrics and Consumer Effort Scores (CES).

In the episode, I share how SMS Research Advisors helps health systems understand the effective ways to use NPS to understand their market. NPS is supposed to measure the retail experience, but the challenge for health care is that systems really compete on three things: cost, access and quality.

For health systems, you also have to be able to measure patient loyalty. How does a health care brand add value to retain patients following negative experiences or when their primary physician leaves? SMS creates a loyalty index – four elements that measure overall satisfaction, NPS, value for the effort you gave (CX), and future considerations.

Listen to the podcast episode to learn more:

Interview begins around 30 minutes in to the episode. 


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