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Control-Based vs. Risk-Taking Buyers: How Understanding Both Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

One of the most common drivers of any purchase decision is the relationship between what a person is willing to give up in exchange for what a person is going to receive. The idea is that if a person…
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3 Potential Product Launch Pitfalls

Most marketing professionals can recount at least one new idea that their company thought was going to be a big success – but ended up being an unmitigated failure. In this scenario, marketers are l…
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Supply Chain in a Post-COVID Environment

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed consumer behaviors and motivations . And when we thought about the specific ways supply chain was being impacted by COVID, we conducted in-depth interv…
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How to Measure Patient Loyalty and NPS for Health Care Companies

I recently joined the Touchpoint Media podcast as a guest and we discussed the common ways hospital systems attempt to measure Voice of Customer (VoC), including Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Sat…
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Anatomy of a Pandemic

The pandemic is transforming both consumer behaviors and business practices. Are you curious about which buying behaviors may stick around, and how you can adapt to each stage of the “now normal?”…
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Defining Brand Quality

Without a doubt, health care brands play an extremely important role in our lives; they are often the proxy for us to identify health care products and services we would trust with our lives and the l…
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