Get It Write: Training to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Before we get started, let’s address one thing: We still need writing skills in 2023. None of us can just ChatGPT our way through day-to-day writing. (You don’t have to take our word for it – read the assessment from our Channels team.) 

The ability to write in a clear, concise, compelling way remains vital. And it’s not easy! Every word we write is competing against millions of texts, Tweets and Teams messages. You’ve probably gotten several pings while reading this sentence.  

Don’t worry – we’re here to help. 

In our PadillaPrep writing training, we share best practices, tools and techniques to engage and persuade your audiences – and help move your brand and organization toward its goals. 

We start by talking about mindset, because every piece of writing represents an opportunity. To share knowledge and discoveries. To help people make more informed decisions. To change minds and behaviors. All in support of your mission. 

We also walk you through three key elements of strong writing and give you tools and techniques to bring them to life. 

1. Have a sound strategy. 

The first step of your strategy is simply having one. The best strategies focus on the two Ps – the purpose you have for writing and the people you’re writing for.  

2. Develop compelling substance. 

Your writing should be interesting to readers and take them somewhere – to a discovery, a new solution, a place of greater trust and loyalty. It should also thoughtfully use storytelling and structure to grab and hold readers’ attention.  

3. Deliver it with style. 

Each piece you write should combine the key elements of style – voice, tone, word choice, narrative technique – in a tailored way that aligns with your strategy and audience. 

PadillaPrep coaches bring decades of experience as writers, journalists and all-around wordsmiths. This session offers value no matter where you are on your professional journey, from initial skill-building to refreshing your approach. 

If you’ve been burned by an AI-based language learning model – or if you just want to sharpen writing in your organization – our word nerds are standing by. Email [email protected] to learn more about this and other PadillaPrep coaching options. 

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This post was co-written by Chance Prigge, Senior Writer.

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