Could AI Improve Your “Human” Experience?

Truth be told, customer experiences today are often fleeting and forgettable – typically targeted on the moment of transaction and lacking in any lasting impression. As marketers, we understand the increasing importance of creating a memorable human experience in order to retain and maintain brand loyalty. Though, how can you improve human experiences…with a lack of humans. Lookin’ at you, foodservice.

It’s no surprise the restaurant industry is facing their fair share of labor issues. According to the National Restaurant Association’s State of the Restaurant Industry report, recruiting and retaining employees is cited as one of the top challenges faced by many operators. The industry’s labor shortages can be attributed to many factors from low unemployment rate, less teenagers in the workforce and record-high restaurant industry growth.

For some foodservice operators, increasing technology, robots or AI could mean a better human experience for their customers. According to NRA’s report, consumers would most like to see restaurants incorporate technology that focuses on improving customer service, making ordering and payment easier, and offering more convenient takeout and delivery options.

Here are a few examples of how foodservice operators are leveraging new technology to improve their customers’ experiences.  

Though creating a better human experience doesn’t stop at the customers. From robotic dishwashers to combat labor shortages, smartbins to reduce food waste, virtual reality to onboard new employees, even AI to instruct employees on proper handwashing techniques – robots, AI and new tech have the potential to create better workplaces for employees too.

With the age of AI just beginning, we predict foodservice operators that combine the “human touch” with digital platforms are set up for success. Interested in how you can create memorable, human experiences with your customers? We’re here to help!

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