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Culinary Trade Show Trends and Insights: 2023 Chef’s Roll Anti-Convention

The 2023 Chef’s Roll Anti-Convention was a game changer, evolving the experience of trade shows as we know them to reach new audiences. From the moment attendees walked through the doors, we were me…
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3 Essential Tips for Your Brand Immersion Trip

Brand-sponsored trips within the Food + Beverage industry aren’t uncommon, but it’s rare to find ones that are flawlessly executed and memorable. We’ve all heard stories of exhausting tr…
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Feasting Forward: 3 Foodservice Trends to Watch in 2024

Our work within Padilla’s Food + Beverage sector requires us to stay ahead of trends in foodservice for both our clients and the chefs they partner with. One thing we know for sure is that the past…
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Three “Food is Medicine” Trends to Watch

“Let food be thy medicine” is a proverb often attributed to Hippocrates from 400 BC – and in 2023, this concept is experiencing a rebirth in the food, healthcare, non-profit, and gov…
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An Appetite for Culture, All in Good Taste

Food is inextricably linked to culture. When we think about the practices, beliefs, customs and symbols that produce a set of cultural mores, food is almost always at the center. Like many, observing…
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The Continued E-Commerce Evolution

There’s no doubt that consumers’ food-buying behavior is fundamentally and permanently changed. E-commerce growth continues to eclipse in-store. But the evolution isn’t nearly complete—and eli…
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