3 Essential Tips for Your Brand Immersion Trip

Brand-sponsored trips within the Food + Beverage industry aren’t uncommon, but it’s rare to find ones that are flawlessly executed and memorable. We’ve all heard stories of exhausting travel schedules, badly behaved guests, packed itineraries, and long hours of repetitive lectures. However, Padilla’s Food + Bev team recently had the privilege of supporting an exceptional brand immersion trip to Norway, organized by our client, the Norwegian Seafood Council. This trip provided valuable education and ensured that every activity catered to the business and educational interests of the guests, receiving positive reviews from all.

When organizing your next brand immersion trip, incorporate the three planning hacks below to ensure success. By curating the perfect guest list, making time for breaks and exploration, and implementing exclusive touches, you can transform an ordinary trip into an extraordinary one. These simple but effective strategies can make all the difference. 

1. Curate the Perfect Guest List

For this trip, we focused on influential members of the culinary scene in New York, ensuring a well-rounded guest list that included distributors, retail and restaurant owners, highly lauded chefs, registered dietitians and foodie influencers. Each participant played a crucial role in the product supply chain, providing valuable insights and asking important questions during presentations and discussions.

2. Make Time for Guests and Be Prepared

For our trip, we incorporated breaks at key moments, allowing guests to rest and explore their surroundings. We also provided suggestions for local activities during breaks, which proved popular and led to joint learning and exploration.

3. Customize the Guest Experience

During our trip to Bergen, we visited the Funicular de Mount Floyen, where guests were greeted with outdoor homemade hot chocolate cooked over an open fire, delicious carrot buns and a comfortable outdoor patio. The stunning view combined with a warm beverage provided a memorable touch to their experience.

With these practical planning hacks, you’ll undoubtedly elevate the guest experience and create a truly unforgettable and successful trip. Contact Yoni Aguilar the next time you’re planning a brand immersion experience.

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