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Turning Numbers into Narratives: The Power of Data-Driven Storytelling

In modern-day public relations, where information is ceaselessly flowing and attention spans dwindling, the art of storytelling has never been more paramount. As we navigate a world inundated with new…
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3 Tips for Marketing Through Supply Chain Disruptions 

It’s no secret that supply chain disruptions have been impacting companies and industries across the board. In fact, 94% of Fortune 1000 companies are seeing supply chain disruptions from COVID-19,…
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Creating (And Maintaining) Brand Relevance In A Chaotic World

I think most of us are surprised that COVID-19 conversations are still relevant, having hung our hopes on 2021 as the year things moved closer to “normal,” even if it was a completely new normal.…
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3 Things B2B Marketers Should Think About

For B2B brands, it is important to not only have a strong brand identity, but also think differently and more creatively than your competitors, especially when focusing on cultivating relationships an…
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Do You Know Your Audience? 3 Simple Questions Will Tell You If You Do

At a recent family gathering, a cousin of mine decided to tell a joke. The joke involved a few four-letter words that I can’t print. It was told in the presence of my 80-year-old grandmother. And it…
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Navigating Communications With Data In The Driver’s Seat

Applying data to uncover insights, inform strategies and demonstrate results is not just the rule of thumb anymore, but paramount to success. With ever-growing access to data through multiple sources,…
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