3 Things B2B Marketers Should Think About

For B2B brands, it is important to not only have a strong brand identity, but also think differently and more creatively than your competitors, especially when focusing on cultivating relationships and connecting with key audiences. However, it can be hard to identify where that shift needs to happen or how to implement changes when positioning your brand to the forefront. Topics on social media marketing, content development and communication strategy can sometimes become convoluted yet are crucial elements to any brand strategy.

As we approach spring cleaning season, we take a look back at the most read B2B articles on The Buzz Bin. Social media best practices and overall communications strategies topped the list that held B2B marketers’ attention – and are likely to remain popular as digital approaches continue to evolve. Here are the top three B2B articles from 2019 that produced the most buzz.

1. Am I Doing This Right? Top 3 Social Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

The social media landscape is constantly evolving and avoiding a few key mistakes can help keep your organization’s social strategy strong. With organic reach dwindling, social media advertising is providing opportunities for brands to reach new audiences and help launch successful campaigns. However, understanding some common pitfalls can help you in the long run. Take a look at the top three mistakes we often see and learn tips to avoid these common social media blunders. Read Now. 

2. Are You Forcing Your Brand to Carpool?

When it comes to communication, sometimes it’s difficult to find the best approach or channel for your message because different brands have different priorities. However, with so many channels to choose from, and each one offering a different experience, many PR pros get stuck in a media relations rut. While it is an important communication channel, a successful marketing program relies on more than just media relations. Don’t limit your PR strategy to one vehicle, explore new roads and make stronger connections with your buyers. Read Now.

3. Two Questions for B2B Brands on Social Media

Between developing content, drafting posts and managing paid campaigns, it’s common for brands to take a “lights-on” approach to social media. However, if social media hasn’t produced the results your B2B brand was hoping for, it is important to ask yourself a couple key questions. Are you monitoring and interacting across channels? How are you measuring success? Learn best practices to boost positive social interactions and accurately measure social media programs for your B2B brand. Read Now.

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