BuzzLine – Week 12 – Get Out the Vote

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and that everyone congratulates Week 12 winner Natalie Smith. WOOOHOOO Natalie! Natalie had the right six-word combination last week to win herself an iced latte at any Starbucks worldwide. See her six-word job interview and all the other great responses here.

On to Week 12. Did you know that the mayor of tiny Dorset, Minnesota, is only four years old? And that he’s running for re-election? Never mind the fact that the town (population 28) doesn’t have an official government, or that the new mayor is selected at an annual festival by drawing a names from a hat, this is the BuzzLine!

And we want to know…

If you were four years old and running for mayor, what six-word promise or campaign slogan would you present to the electorate?

“Free stroller rides and juice boxes?”

“Vote Grand Ole Potty Nov. 4?”

Put your six-word promise or slogan in the comments below… There’s a hot cup of coffee and (toddler bonus!) some wet wipes on the line. Go for it.

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