BuzzLine: Instagram vs. Twitter

buzzlineIts official – Instagram has beat out Twitter as the most actively used social networking site. Wednesday Instagram reported it has 300 million active monthly users. That’s a lot of #picsoftheday! Although Instagram’s growth has been fast, it’s no surprise, really. As visuals become ingrained in everything we do from reading the news to calling up a friend on FaceTime, it’s no revelation that a social networking platform based 100% on pictures would quickly rise to the top.

However, Twitter remains an important platform not only to communicate with your friends, but for brands to engage with their consumers. Millennials will continue to gain more and more buying power, about $200 billion annually by 2017, so being able to interact with them on the variety of different platforms they’re using is not just fun and games anymore – it’s vital to brand exposure.

So let’s brainstorm! Imagine you are the Chief Marketing Officer for Twitter…what six-word tagline would you create to help the brand continue to gain popularity and active users?


– Connect through conversation and tweet on!

– Save the bird, send a tweet

– Some pictures aren’t worth 1,000 words.

The most inspired, creative or witty answer will win a Starbucks gift card. With a deliciously caffeinated drink in hand, you might just have the energy to send enough tweets to bring Twitter back to number one! Or maybe not, but at least we tried.

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