BuzzLine: Change – don’t put me through it!

Unless that change is for the better, that is. The people over at Twitter recently unveiled their new and improved profile layout to hopefully answer the question, “What’s new about the new you?”


The new design highlights your most engaging tweets, allows users to pin tweets to the top of their profile and allows for more customization when it comes to filtering what tweets you see. The profile picture size is increased and the cover photo now spans the entire width of your browser.

Who doesn’t love a good refresh? These new features are cool, but how much cooler would it be if you could add ANYTHING you wanted?

In this week’s BuzzLine, let’s give some helpful, six-word suggestions to social media companies on what we’d like to see. My ideas…

Okay, I know you have some ideas of your own, so put your suggested SIX-WORD tagline in the comments below. If we like yours the most, we will send you a Starbucks gift card for a treat on us!

Winners will be announced next week.

I’m sure your answers will be twitterific!


Thanks to Marketing Communications Specialist, Laney Austin for authoring this week’s BuzzLine post.

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